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A new book , " Ecology and Evolution" GATE introduced in 2014 .



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All 22 documents in an online computer based tests Test (CBT ) will be performed . Online test answers on digital paper using the virtual keyboard is not the candidate must have a few questions. The remaining questions are multiple choice question (MCQ) should be of type .

GATE 2014 Examination February 1, 2014 and March 2, 2014 , the morning sessions and afternoon between alternative weekends ( Saturday and Sunday) will be both . Some papers GATE 2014 examination will be several sessions. The exact details of the timetable for full examination will be notified at a later date.
GATE 2014 will remain in effect for changes in GATE 2013
Application Process : GATE 2014 for ' GATE 2013 , the same information to all GATE online system for processing applications of candidates ( GOAPS ) will be available in the file. Access to the zonal GATE websites of IISc and seven IITs ​​are candidates through the permit application record / input via the online mode . Photograph and signature of the applicant at the time of application must be downloaded online. The application process , October 10, 2013 , if signed by the candidate and a good quality photo affixed in the appropriate place , filled with a printed copy of the online application and the necessary documents or before are received by the respective zonal GATE offices do. Please note that application forms are not available for sale anywhere .
Download admit cards : The cards will be sent by e-mail/post admit that , from 1 January 2014 , are downloaded from sites GATE area. Candidate at least the original ( copy / scan copy ) and valid photo ID (not expired) with the admit card piece is printed in the center of the test is taken. It should be noted that only one of these photo IDs can be a driver's license , passport, PAN card , voter ID , UID Aadhaar , College ID , Employee identification card , or a photo, signature, date of birth, residential address, a notarized affidavit . Fill out the online form , however, must be given to this ID proof details .
Response digital standard questions : GATE 2014 paper for the question and multiple choice answer type digital will have two questions. For several choice questions , candidates must choose the correct answer from the options available . Numerical answer type questions , multiple choice.

Model question papers

All articles, 10 questions 15 points in the general ability (AG ) are among the 100 brands , it will be 65 questions in total .

Codes AE , AG, BT , CE, CH , DE, CA, CE , EE, ME , MN , MT , PI , TF and XE rolling papers , engineering , mathematics, 13% of the total points , the general aptitude section will the rest of all the brands and trademarks total 15% percent of the article is devoted to this subject .

AR codes , City, EY , GG , MA , PH and XL support documents, the general ability of the overall score of 15% of the total points and the remaining 85% is devoted to the theme section of the paper.

GATE 2014 will include a variety of magazines , two types of questions:
( I) all documents and segments each carrying 1 or 2 points multiple Choice Questions ( MCQs). The questions are objective in nature , and the correct answer to each of the candidate (s) is to identify, from which four answers will be chosen.

(Ii ) all documents and answer questions in categories 1 or 2 points each issue. The candidate must be entered using the virtual keyboard to answer these questions is a real number is . No options will be displayed for this type of questions.

design issues
The following questions are designed to test the capabilities of a paper can :

(I ) brand: the facts , principles , laws, or the laws of the document are based on discipline. Either the candidate of his / her memory of the subject or at most from a number of lines should be able to get the answer.


The maximum temperature occurred during Q. Machine

(A ) on the side face of
(B ) of the cutting face
(C ) shear zone
(D ) due to the friction between the chip and the tool

(Ii) cognition : questions of general conclusions of theoretical ideas for him / her to be , the foundation of his / her field that will test the candidate's knowledge .


For a direct current motor requires a starter Q.
( A) developing an initial torque
For auxiliary field ampere turns (B) replaced
(C ) The maximum induced current
(D ) to provide the regenerative braking

(Iii ) Application : In these questions , the logical reasoning of the applicant, either by calculation or by his / her knowledge is applied .


Impact of a hydraulic jump in a rectangular channel ratio resulting depth is 16.48 . Froude number at the beginning of the jump :

(A) 5.0 (B) 8.0 ( C ) 10.0 ( D) 12.0

The design of each of the above examples of the types of questions will be given .

Logical questions based on the type of option codes type questions or match items in one question , a state / of informal phrase / data type questions , there may be a mixture of a combination .

(Iv ) analysis and synthesis : In these questions , the candidate responded to a question before the data analysis required , diagrams , photos, etc. provided. The question is a combination of two or more information that a person may need to compare elements . This category of questions, for example, to recognize the tacit assumptions , or associated with the information to be candidates for the separation of useful information.

1 - Mark For multiple choice, 1/3 marks will be deducted for wrong answers . Similarly, for multiple 2 - 2/ 3 Brand will be deducted for wrong answers . There is negative marking for digital type answer questions.

Aptitude (GA) General questions

All communications, GA questions are 15 points in total. GA Section 1 point each ( sub- total 5 points) 2 points each ( total 10 points ) with the 5 questions that carry 5 questions .

GG , XE and XL other than the question papers
This press 1 point each (sub -total 25 points) and 2 points each ( total 60 points ) consists of 30 questions carrying 25 questions. The discussion question will be multiple choice type and numerical answer questions. Number of questions to answer, not options. The candidates responded with a virtual keyboard ( a real number, signed or unsigned , for example, 25.06 , -25.06 , 25, -25 , etc.) to be entered. It is an excellent candidate , because of the usual round of errors so that the type of answer numerical questions , the assessment is considered an appropriate range .

GG ( Geology and Geophysics ) Paper
Apart from the general aptitude section (GA), GG question paper consists of two parts: Part A and Part B. Part A is common for all candidates. Section 1 ( Geology ) and Section 2 ( Geophysics ) : Part B contains two sections. Candidates Part B. Either Section 1 or Section 2, Part A, and will attempt to issues

1 Part A - Mark lead 25 multiple choice questions , each (sub - total 25 brands and digital type answer questions, some of them may be ) . Part B for each section ( sections 1 and 2) , 2 marks each ( sub- total 60 marks and numerical answer type questions , some of which may be ) are carrying 30 multiple choice questions .

XE Paper ( Engineering Sciences )
XE paper , Engineering Mathematics section (Section A) is compulsory. 1 point each ( sub- total 7 points) , and 2 points each ( total 8 points ) with the 7 questions 4 questions : In this section , 11 questions 15 points in total. Some of these issues can be numeric type answer questions.

9 questions of 1 mark each ( sub- total 9 points) and two points each (total 26 questions 13 on : XE paper ( Sections B through G ) Other sections of 22 questions each carrying 35 points of the total points ) . Some of the questions may be a type of numerical response .


Qualifying Degree (short)    Qualifying Degree/Examination (Descriptive)    Description of Eligible candidates    Year of Qualification cannot be later than    Copies of Certificates to be submitted
Passed in the year 2013 or earlier    Expected to complete in 2014 or later
B.E./B.Tech/ B.Arch/ B.Pharm.    Bachelor’s degree in Engineering/ Technology/ Architecture/ Pharmacy (Post-Diploma/ Post B.Sc./4 years after 10+2)    Currently in the 4th year or already completed    2014    Degree Certificate/ Provisional Certificate/ Course Completion Certificate    Certificate from Principal
B.S    Bachelor's degree in Science (Post-Diploma/ 4 years after 10+2)    Currently in the 4th year or already completed    2014    Degree Certificate/ Provisional Certificate/ Course Completion Certificate    Certificate from Principal
M.Sc./M.A./ MCA or equivalent    Master’s degree in any branch of Science/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ Computer Applications or equivalent    Currently in the final year or already completed    2014    Degree Certificate/
Provisional Certificate/
Course Completion
Certificate (pertaining
to Masters degree)    Certificate from Principal
Int. M.E/ M.Tech
(Post BSc)    Post-BSc Integrated Master’s degree programs in Engineering/ Technology (Four year programme)    Currently in the 2nd/3rd/4th year or already completed    2016    Degree
Certificate    Certificate
Int. M.E./M.Tech or Dual Degree (after Diploma or 10+2)    Integrated Master’s degree programs or Dual Degree programs in Engineering/ Technology (Five year
programme)    Currently in the 4th/5th year or already completed    2015    Degree
Certificate    Certificate from Principal
Int. M. Sc/
Int. B.S.-M.S.    Integrated M.Sc. or Five year integrated B.S.-M.S. program    Currently in the final year or already completed    2014    Degree Certificate / Provisional Certificate / Course Completion Certificate    Certificate from Principal
Society Examinations
(equivalent to
B.E/B.Tech/B.Arch)    B.E/B.Tech/B.Arch. equivalent examinations, of Professional Societies, recognized by MHRD/ UPSC/ AICTE (e.g. AMIE by
Institution of Engineers-India, AMICE by the Institute of Civil Engineers-India)    Completed Section A or equivalent of such professional courses    NA    Professional
Certificate/ Provisional Certificate/
Course Completion/
issued by
the Society
or Institute    Copy of Mark sheet
for Section

GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPS) Website Opens: Enrolment, Application Filling, Application Submission    Monday    2nd September 2013

Last Date for Enrolment (after this only enrolled candidates can fill the application)    Tuesday    1st October 2013

Last date for Submission of Online Application through Website    Thursday    3rd October 2013

Last Date for the receipt of Print-out of the ONLINE Application along with all the supporting documents at the respective Zonal GATE Offices    Thursday    10th October 2013

Last Date for Request for Change in the Choice of City    Wednesday    20th November 2013

Availability of Admit Card on the GOAPS website for printing    Wednesday    18th December, 2013

GATE 2014 Online Examination

Forenoon: 9.00 AM to 12.00 Noon

Afternoon: 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM    Saturdays and Sundays    Between 1st February and 2nd March 2014

Announcement of Results on the Online Application Website    Friday    28th March 2014

(10:00 Hrs)

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